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To me it’s about getting the most benefit + sticking to that carefully planned schedule..


I GET it – you are busy and have to get things done,

all THAT in a small time frame, because we just have to make the best with what we have and many times “free” time only comes in small time brackets made available to contribute to big changes..

we also need heaps of energy to keep up and take care of the family.


…sometimes pooping feels like it’s taking up too much time ~ I know, I am a Mom too!


How does this tie in with fermented stuff?

Fermenting things is a small time investment with many benefits as reward, it’ll help you save money, helps keeping you energized + healthy, read on to find out more about this..



I am stoked and too grateful to keep this to myself!


Just imagine a lifestyle that is saving you money – because you don’t need to buy expensive probiotic pills and digestive enzymes..

something that’s helping to keep you healthy, which means less doctor’s appointments and sick days;

feeling more energized so that you can do and enjoy so much more,

a happier you – not only because you are getting things done but because the microbes in fermented food boost the mood.


“This stuff helps with the metabolism because it’s

easily absorbed and takes less energy to digest.. “




If you are with me and don’t like popping a pill for just anything then you’d LOVE this side of food .. you’ll soon be grateful that you’ve discovered.


I love Cultured Food because it boost the immune system naturally, helps with digestion

so that takes care of Constipation, Diarrhea and that Bloated Feeling..

Fermented food helps with healing the gut and that’s where about 80% of the immune system is located.


It’s not necessary to pay buckets of money to benefit from probiotics because you’d find trillions of live active colony forming bacterial units (probiotics) per tablespoon of fermented food! ◄ IT’S AWESOME because it keeps the immune system stimulated!



You may not be a Super Health Conscious Vegan Hippie,

you can be an ordinary person like me,

a Mom who cares for herself and her family,

to start fermenting foods. 



As a Mom that’s interested in keeping herself healthy and also being busy,

I am ALWAYS looking for ways to spend the least amount of time to invest for the greatest Rewards or return on investment be it time or energy.

I know if that snippets of free time can’t be used to benefit my health or well being then I move on, forget about it and carry on doing things that do fit in.

This is not about being lazy, it’s about doing the best with what I have – leveraging it by fermenting it 🙂


The world of fermented food and beverages aren’t just for anyone, if you are not meant to be here.. you will not be reading this.  I know this because there was a time when I associated fermented food with ?rotten? .. and fermented food is totally the opposite because it’s considered one of the oldest, SAFEST FOOD PRESERVATION techniques known to humankind,

Fermenting or Cultureing food actually enhances the nutritional value of the food because this process allows for Vitamin A, B + C, and digestive enzymes to form AND



It tastes Good Enough To Eat



My three year old LOVEs her fermented carrot sticks, beetroot, Water kefir and Kvass! -Just in case you were wondering how you are going to get your finicky eaters to benefit from these probiotic rich foods.. I’ve got that covered. 😉


Where it all began..

I started my Cultured Food Journey with brewing Kombucha, Kombuhca wasn’t something new to my husband though.

Before I knew about fermented food he was always talking about a tasty beverage his Grandmother used to make with a little “diertjie” (“small animal”) making it, it’s something he loved and grew up with and when he mentioned it I would go on a mad search for something-I-didn’t-even-know-the-name-of and end up giving up because I never found something with the limited words of description.


Fermented food became a part of my life soon after the birth of my daughter in 2012, within her first six months of life she made a miraculous recovery from both operation and chemo treatment. I asked allot of questions, got some answers but I needed more.. more answers.. more reasons .. and ways to keep something like this from happening again..


I started to do research of my own and found a wealth of information that pointed to fermented food and beverages being great to boost the immune system, help with prevention and treatment of cancer, auto immune disease, and serves as metabolism and mood enhancers.


More and more scientific Studies show that the root of all disease is directly linked to the gut,

and yet this is what Hippocrates, The father of modern medicine, (460 -370 BC) has been saying all along!



That’s the story and the inspiration behind Natural Green.


Enjoy many good things!