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3 Milk Kefir Experiment

This experiment is done out of pure curiosity. I wanted to know how much different the kefir would turn out with these milk types and this is what I’ve found. In this experiment,... READ MORE

Carrot Sticks Recipe

Let’s take a moment and zoom in on CARROTS! Good eyesight is normally one of the things that pop up when thinking of carrots. There is truth in what our parents used to... READ MORE

Spicy Carrot Kraut

the cabbage leave serves as a follower and the cupcake mold serves as the weight and both serves to keep the vegetables under the brine. You will need 2 cups grated Carrots 2... READ MORE

Lactofermented Carrots

In this video, I show you how to make lactofermented carrots using the dry brining method. Dry brining simply means that you don’t add any salt water mixture to the vegetables; only salt... READ MORE

How to make Cultured Veg

Anyone can make it, it’s about chopping, salting and stuffing a jar.. The jar Choose your fermentation vessel. You don’t need a fermentation crock or a fancy jar with an airlock to make... READ MORE

What is Cultured Veggies?

Food Preservation Technique Through the ages, fermentation has been used to preserve food. There are different fermentation techniques from all around the world and it’s amazing how great it tastes and how well it... READ MORE