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Kefir Workshop

Come and enjoy a Saturday morning with us and be inspired by what you can do with Kefir and what Kefir can do for you. It’s about taking care of your body so that your body can take care of you.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and taste our delicious samples of Kefir Soda, Kefir Dips and Cheeses, and a few more surprises.

You’ll get to take home your own jar of Kefir, with the contents you’ll be able to make kefir again and again to make even more Kefir.

DAIRY FREE – Don’t worry we’ll teach you different ways of making dairy-free Kefir too.

Kefir contains more probiotics than all the other cultured food and it’s the easiest cultured food you can make. Start growing probiotics on your kitchen counter, it’s never been easier!

Nadia Swart have been making and consuming Kefir since 2012, she knows about the health benefits and all the ins and outs of Kefering, making it quick and easy for everyone to enjoy! There’ll be lots of recipes she’ll share so that you have many ways of making Kefir part of your daily life.

Did you know that there are more probiotics in 175ml of Kefir than in a whole bottle of 30 probiotic supplements!?


► You’ll be taught different methods of making kefir and how to use
your finished product
► Learn about making non-dairy kefir and the different ways of
using it.
► Learn how to make Kefir Soda or Water Kefir
► Experience the cultured food samples of all the things we teach
in this workshop
► Recipe booklet included for you to make all these foods at home
► You’ll get to make your own jar of kefir, the contents can be used
over and over again to make even more kefir.
► There’ll be some giveaways, and I’ll have my products for sale at
reduced prices!

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