4 GOOD Reasons why I drink Kombucha



Kombucha is known to many cultures by different names and it is believed that “The Mystical Elixir” originated from Asia. This “Miracle beverage” is also described as a natural living food that is high in enzymes and have been used & honored by many for more than 2 000 years!

Kombucha tea is also known as The Tea of Immortality, Miracle Tea & Elixir of Long Life. All these names are suggestive of Kombucha’s beneficial and energizing nature.


4 Good Reasons For Drinking Kombucha

find out why everyone is drinking it.

1. Gee Whiz kombucha is a Healthy fizz! 

Everybody I know loves the pop of small bubbles on their tongue leaving a tingling sensation when going down the throat. I think we all subconsciously crave the fizz at some point. With Kombucha you can satisfy that craving and help balance your intestinal flora, all at the same time, no need to feel guilty. It’s a win-win situation!

Dr. R Sklenar M.D. used kombucha (also referred to as the tea fungus) for 30 years apparently with great success in treating:

  • gout
  • rheumatic conditions
  • arteriosclerosis
  • arthritis
  • constipation
  • impotence
  • non-specific draining
  • obesity
  • kidney stones
  • cholesterol and
  • cancer

In his experience he concluded that kombucha is:

[pullquote align=center]

An outstanding natural remedy which acts as an detoxifying agent in every regard and which dissolves microorganisms as well as cholesterol.


 Dr. R Sklenar M.D 


2.The SCOBY converts the bad stuff to beneficial goodness.

What about the SUGAR!?

The sugar gets eaten by the SCOBY and can be reduced to trace amounts after fermentation.

This is how it works SUGAR and Tea is converted into healthy polyphenols and other beneficial acids. The caffeine molecules are altered so that it’s not as potent as freshly brewed tea. The health benefits of the Tea used making kombucha gets AMPLIFIED and takes it to a whole different level!

The good news is that if you can brew a nice cup of tea you can certainly make a nice brew of Kombucha for you and your family to enjoy. All you really need is Water, Tea and Sugar. Click here to see recipe

Studies revealed that Kombucha, among other things, has antibiotic effects and produces a variety of beneficial substances which include:

  • Vitamin C – fantastic detoxifier and immunity booster
  • Lactic Acid – Helps prevent constipation, protects the gut cell walls, believed to aid in the prevention of cancer by regulating the blood pH levels.
  • Amino Acids – Critical to all life as the building blocks of protein.
  • Glucuronic Acid – effective in detoxifying aid.
  • Folic Acid – May help with heart disease, aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin B1 – (Thiamin) Stimulates the immune system, may aid in prevention of skin, joint and bone aging, cancer and stroke
  • Vitamin B2 – (Riboflavin) Suppress allergies.
  • Vitamin B3 – (Niacin) Promotes healing skin tissue and is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Vitamin B6 – (Pyridoxine) Helps battle obesity, rheumatism and stroke
  • Vitamin B12 – Improves memory and learning.

3. Detoxifying properties

Extensive scientific research has been done, particularly in Russia and Germany which has shown that Kombucha consist of an unusual blend of life-restoring acids, is a rich mix of vitamins and minerals, plus its beneficial bacteria and yeasts have extraordinary antibiotic, detoxifying, and curative properties.

The Detoxing effects of Glucuronic is astonishing. It binds with toxins generated by the body’s own metabolic processes and also binds with toxic substances from the environment (contaminants in water, air & food) and carries them out of the body in the urine.


4. Energized and full of life!

Kombucha is a fermented beverage and is recognized as a raw and living food rich in beneficial microbes and powerful enzymes. These microbes makes it easier for the body to absorption and utilize vitamins and minerals. The enzymes which boost energy levels.  That’s why people who implement cultured foods or beverages in their diet feel more energized and alive, because their food are alive.. You are what you eat, right.

It is said that the Samurai Warriors consumed Kombucha because to them kombucha was a source of a revitalizing life force better known as chi energy.

Although Kombucha is not a cure-it-all, it doesn’t have a specific action against a particular disease but instead detoxifies the whole body so that the body can heal itself naturally more effectively.  I love kombucha and even if kombucha didn’t have all these health benefits I at least know that it is, hands down, way -WAY- better than any other soft drink which is loaded with sugar!





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