2 Ingredient Pink Water Kefir Slushie!

This recipe combines probiotic goodness and Watermelon for the Ultimate 2 Ingredient Pink Slushie.

Pink Water Kefir SlushieSummer months means Ice Cream & Slushies!


You will need some finished Water Kefir to add probiotics and nutritional goodness. Here’s a link to learn how to make Water Kefir if you don’t know how.

I, for one, love watermelon and rather buy whole watermelons instead of the sliced pieces. But a whole watermelon is sometimes too much to finish even when the family came over. If you can relate then you’ll be happy to learn that watermelons can be frozen and make a great Slushie!

When a recipe calls for preparation (prep) I usually prep the night before so that the magic can happen while I am fast asleep, I just love the feeling of doing something while doing nothing 🙂


2 Ingredient Pink Water Kefir Slushie!
Author: Nadia Swart
Serves: 4
You will need a freezer & blender for this one.
  • 4 cups of waterlemon
  • 1/2 -1 cup of Water Kefir
  1. Cut your watermelon into small 1.5 cm squares
  2. Freeze the watermelon until frozen
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of water kefir into your blender and add the watermelon squares
  4. Blend until you get the slushie consistency
  5. IF the blender is struggling add more Water Kefir bit by bit. Be cautious because you don’t want your Slushie to be too runny
  6. Serve & Enjoy!
Add some mint for a bit of a flavor flare![br]CAUTION: So delicious it may cause brain freeze.[br][br]You can make different Slushie flavours by using the same method with peaches, kiwis or banana instead of using watermelon.


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