Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice

Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice health benefitsThe name Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice because of the ingredients used: Kombucha, Apple, Beet root and Carrots.


In 2012 I was on a search for natural cancer fighting foods, this recipe not only have cancer fighting properties but also helps the liver and other organs with their day to day function. This is recipe is inspired by “Miracle Drink” by humannhealth.com.


There’s many reasons we should be grateful for the many functions of the liver and one of the key functions is that the liver is the body’s master cleansing organ, the overwhelming feeling of being tired or lethargic, having frequent headaches and dark circles under the eyes are usual signs of the liver complaining about toxin overload. When the liver is struggling to work through the toxin overload the body finds other ways to get rid of the toxins, like releasing toxins through the skin resulting in skin problems.


The most common reason why our liver gets overloaded is because of the pollutants we bombard our body with on a daily basis, like the lotions and potions that’s absorbed through the skin, our dietary intake and environmental pollutants.


Even though this tonic is known as the Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice bear in mind that no amount of Miracle Juice will ever be able to dim the effects of regular indulgence of fast, empty, chemically enhanced processed foods, and excessive alcohol abuse. Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice is an extraordinary liver tonic and rejuvenator, rich in probiotics, that can ease the burden on a exhausted liver and can increase the rate that you process toxins out of your body.


The Apple, Beet, Carrots and Kombucha combined makes a powerful tonic and detoxifier that serves as ENERGY IN A BOTTLE. When I drink this Kombucha ABC Juice it really makes me feel clear, energized and pretty much spectacular.. almost like I can spin the world on my index finger like one of those basketball players would spin the basket ball to show off their awesomeness. OR Almost like the dreaming Panda in the animation, Kung fu Panda nearly blinding people with his pure awesomeness before waking up to serving noodles. ..maybe it’s awesomeness in a bottle!?


Looking at the highlighted benefits of each ingredient in this Kombucha ABC Juice explains why it’s so spectacular! Almost like the fantastic four fighting to keep your body healthy 🙂



  1. Antioxidant and provides Vitamin C
  2. Cardiovascular benefits because of pectin content and their unusual mix of polyphenols.
  3. Total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are both decreased when eating apples regularly.
  4. Helps with blood sugar regulation.
  5. Anti-cancer Benefits
  6. Anti-Asthma Benefits – Multiple studies have shown apple intake to be associated with decreased risk of asthma.
  7. Other less developed researched suggests that the consumption of apples have also helped with several age related health problems, macular degeneration of the eye and neurodegenerative problems, including Alzheimer’s disease.



  1. Nutritious and rich in Beta-carotene and wide variety of antioxidants ant other health supporting nutrients.
  2. Contains Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Phytonutrient antioxidants like beta carotene which contributes to cardiovascular benefits, and anti-cancer benefits
  3. Cardiovascular benefits – a 10 year study done in the Netherlands has given fascinating new information about carrots being the single most-heart-problem-risk-reducing food!
  4. Vision health – Researchers at the Jules Stein Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles determined that women who consume carrots at least twice per week- in comparison to women who consume carrots less than once per week- have significantly lower rates of glaucoma (damage to the optic nerve often associated with excessive pressure inside the eye).
  5. Anti-Cancer Benefits: Lab studies have sown the ability of carrot extracts to inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells.



  1. Promotes optimal health. The color of beet comes from the pigments called Betalains and are water soluble. These Betalains function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules.
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Support of detoxification
  5. There’s evidence to suggest that all dietary fiber is not the same and that beet and carrot fiber are two specific types of food fiber that may provide special health benefits, particularly with respect to health of our digestive tract (including prevention of colon cancer) and our cardiovascular system. Some beet fiber benefits may be due to the pectin polysaccharides that significantly contribute to the total fiber content.



  1. one of the greatest health benefits is it helps to detox the body, helps to maintain a healthy liver and helps with cancer prevention,
  2. improve digestion and help fight candida.
  3. It’s noted for reducing or eliminating symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety.
  4. It’s antioxidant rich and help boost the immune system and energy levels.
  5. Improves joint function because of glucosamines which help to preserve cartilage structure and prevents joint degeneration.
  6. improves digestion and immunity because it’s loaded with probiotics
  7. it gives your body what it needs to heal itself, aiding your liver in removing harmful substances, promoting balance in your digestive system and Being rich in health promoting vitamins, enzymes and acids.


Drink  this juice first thing in the morning for a couple of days every week or two, you can even drink it every morning because it’s so good for you. Don’t be shocked or get all paranoid when nature calls and the color isn’t what you expect it to be – beets will colour it!

Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice
Author: Nadia Swart
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
You will need a juicer for this recipe, juice your fruit & veg and add kombucha, enjoy with ice or as is!
  • 3-4 Medium Carrots
  • 1 Large Beet
  • 1 Apple
  • Ready made Kombucha
  1. Wash your ingredients
  2. Peel and core your apple
  3. Turn on your juicer and start juicing the beet
  4. Juice the carrots and then the apples
  5. Add half Kombucha to each glass and half Kombucha ABC Miracle Juice
  6. Enjoy straight away!
You can add some ginger to increase the health benefits![br]or add some Kombucha SCOBY for added probiotics and cellulose which is great for the diet!





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