What got me into cultured food?

It was two days after the birth of my daughter, she got diagnosed with cancer. The doctors didn’t have many answers as to what the causes were of the Neuroblastoma she had. I remember looking at her perfect tiny little body and my Dad telling me:”…just like any other child, she needs your love and attention most…” I had to hear that, it was helpful, something that came naturally, it was something that I could do in a time when I was feeling out of control and powerless. I think What kept me sane was taking it moment by moment, one step at a time. That’s probably the first time I realised the meaning and importance of “living in the moment”; seeing and experiencing each moment for what it truly is and not to jump to what I  thought it could be or what it may or may never become.  I remember telling myself that everything is okay at this moment, we are breathing, we are spending time together, we are here.


Still, I had many questions and I couldn’t leave it at that, I had to do what I could to find ways to manage and prevent something like this from ever happening again. I started searching…

I started to do research of my own and found a wealth of information that pointed to fermented food and probiotic beverages being used to boost the immune system, help with prevention and treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease, and how fermented food and probiotic beverages serve as metabolism and mood enhancers.

That’s when my mad search for cultures began. It started with kombucha, soon after that milk kefir – I’ve found a recipe for making fermented vegetables with kefir whey and that’s the short version of how kefir came into my life.. then I learned about Water Kefir, Jun, and all the other fermented foods and beverages. I still learn new things every day and that’s what keeps me engaged and enthusiastic!


My daughter

Bianca is a happy healthy five year old! She loves her lactofermented carrot sticks, Sauerkraut, Water kefir, and Kvass. I am happy to say that it looks like she’s a fermented food enthusiast!


My health

My life changed completely once I started eating foods that contributed to my health. Big changes came about once I realised how to take care of my microbes.

Before that I was in big trouble, my BMI was 47.7, meaning I fell in the high-risk obesity bracket. I experienced signs of insulin resistance and I didn’t want to be prediabetic!  It all changed when I started starving the bad bacteria and started taking care of my good bacteria. I started by cutting down my sugar intake and got rid of all kinds of fast foods. I started eating more fruits and vegetables, which is a great source of prebiotics and is also known as the fertiliser for the gut; it feeds the good bacteria or probiotics making them greater in numbers. Fermented foods played a major role in repopulating my gut with the bacteria it needed to be healthy again. I felt good enough to start exercising again, I feel happier, no more prediabetic symptoms, I am more energised and as a result, I’ve lost a lot of extra weight (47 kg).  I am a healthier person. I mean, 80% of the immune system is located in the gut so it only makes sense that when the good and bad bacteria back is in balance it will sort out a lot of issues.. and for me, it definitely did!

I often times think of how bold it must have been of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, to claim the gut to be the root of all disease while studies are only recently beginning to find how true his statement was and that almost 2500 years later!


Many people have life-changing experiences and wonderful stories about how fermented food helped them feel better and contributed to positive change in their lives. I want to invite you to share your experience with me, try it out and see what difference you notice in your own health and wellbeing.


get some

You can buy ready-made fermented foods and probiotic beverages OR or you can make it yourself.  Making it at home is easy to do and it’s one of the oldest, safest food preservation techniques known to humankind. Have a look on my website and you’ll find some recipes that you can try out with ready-made kefir or you can book your spot at an upcoming workshop if you want to learn how to make your own probiotic foods and beverages.



To me, it’s about getting the most benefit & sticking to that carefully planned schedule..

I GET it – you are busy and have to get things done,

all THAT in a small time frame, because we just have to make the best with what we have and many times “free” time only comes in small time brackets made available to contribute to big changes…

we also need heaps of energy to keep up and take care of the family.

…sometimes going to the toilet feels like it’s taking up too much time ~ I know, I am a mom, we all go through it and we all know what it feels like!


Culturing food and beverages may be a small time investment but it has many rewarding benefits,

  • Money Saver
  • Keeps you energised and healthy
  • Mood enhancer!


Just imagine a lifestyle that is saving you money – because you don’t need to buy expensive probiotic pills and digestive enzymes..

something that’s helping to keep you and your family healthy, which means less doctor’s appointments and sick days;

feeling more energized so that you can do and enjoy so much more,

a happier you – not only because you are getting things done but because the microbes in fermented food boost your mood!


“Probiotic beverages and fermented vegetables help with the metabolism because it’s easily absorbed and takes less energy to digest.. “

If you are with me and don’t like popping a pill for just anything then you’ll soon be grateful that you’ve discovered the world of probiotic foods.

I love Cultured Food because it boosts the immune system naturally and helps with digestion.

So that takes care of Constipation, Diarrhoea and that Bloated Feeling..

Fermented food helps with healing the gut and that’s where about 80% of the immune system is located.

It’s not necessary to pay buckets of money to benefit from probiotics because you’d find trillions of live active colony forming bacterial units (probiotics) per tablespoon of fermented food!


You do not have to be a Super Health Conscious Vegan Hippie to enjoy the health benefits of fermented foods,

you can be an ordinary person like me,

a Mom who cares for herself and her family,

to start growing probiotics on your kitchen counter. 



As a Mom, that’s interested in keeping herself healthy and also being busy,

I am ALWAYS looking for ways to spend the least amount of time to invest for the greatest Rewards or return on investment be it time or energy.

I know if that snippets of free time can’t be used to benefit my health or wellbeing then I move on, forget about it and carry on doing things that do fit in.

This is not about being lazy, it’s about doing the best with what I have – leveraging it by fermenting it 🙂


My then three year old  LOVEd her fermented carrot sticks, beetroot, Water kefir, and Kvass! Her pallet is more into fermented food and I think at this stage sauerkraut is one of her favourites.  -Just in case you were wondering how you are going to get your finicky eaters to benefit from these probiotic-rich foods… I’ve got that covered. 😉


Fermented food started calling for my attention way before 2012

I started my Cultured Food Journey with brewing Kombucha, yes Kombucha, it wasn’t something new to my husband though.

Before I knew about fermented food my husband was always talking about a tasty beverage his Grandmother used to make with a little “diertjie” (“small animal”), it’s something he grew up with and enjoyed drinking, every time he mentioned it I would go on a mad search Googling for something-I-didn’t-even-know-the-name-of and ended up with very little to show. It was difficult to find, given my limited vocabulary to describe something I didn’t know much of.

The world of fermented food and beverages aren’t just for anyone if you are not meant to be here.. you will not be reading this.  I know this because there was a time when I associated fermented food with? rotten!!? .. not even knowing that I already consumed many foods that at some or other stage during their preparation went through a fermentation process of some kind. It’s also satisfying and comforting to know that fermented food is considered one of the oldest, SAFEST FOOD PRESERVATION techniques known to humankind,


Fermenting or Culturing food actually enhances the nutritional value of food

the fermentation process allows for Vitamin A, B + C, and digestive enzymes to form.

It’s good for you & a party to the pallet!




and that’s the story and the inspiration behind Natural Green.


Enjoy many good things!