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Water kefir is pronounced as KEE•fur or KEH•Feer. It is said that the name originates form the Turkish word “Keif” which when directly translated means “feel good”! Kefir is the finished drink that you get after the grains have fermented the sugar water transforming it into a naturally bubbly refreshing probiotic drink. Kefir Grains is the culture that’s used to make the fermentation process possible.

Kefir has a low Glycemic Load and contains no caffeine.

The Kefir grains consist of many strains of beneficial bacteria & yeasts. These microorganisms breaks down sugars into Lactic Acid, Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol. The Water Kefir Grains are mostly composed of Polysaccharides, mostly due to the L. Casei and L. Brevis in the grains. grains are symbiotic colonies of different strains beneficial bacteria and yeast. These microorganisms converts sugar into Lactic Acid, carbon Dioxide and Ethanol.