What jar can I use to ferment my veggies in?

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Jar or fermentation vessel

A good lead-free ceramic or stoneware crock is a good idea but it’s NOT a necessity, you can successfully ferment your veggies in a clear see-through glass jar! A 1 liter jar will work well if you want to start out with a small batch of fermented veggies. Some say food grade plastic is okay to use but I wouldn’t suggest using plastic or stainless steel especially when starting out because ultimately you really want to see what your veggies look like and gain some confidence before moving over to a lead-free ceramic or stoneware crock even. I like using fido or clip top jars for fermenting because it’s got a glass lid and a rubber seal which allows for air to escape and no air oxygen to enter into your ferment. I have bored holes in some of my glass flip tops for airlocks but was a waste of time because of the rubber seal I’ve mentioned earlier, it already serves as some kind of airlock. If you don’t have a fido or flip top glass jar, you can also use a normal 1 liter Consol jar, just line the lid with parchment paper so that the metal has no chance of getting in contact with the ferment. Fermenting veggies is an anaerobic (without oxygen) ferment. To avoid mold, you need to prevent oxygen from reaching the fermenting vegetables