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Any good quality water that is Nutritious, Mineral rich & Fluoride and Chlorine Free:

Wellwater*, hard water, Mineral Water, Spring Water, Dechlorinated Tap Water**

*If unsure about your well water, have it tested to make sure that there’s no contaminants that may harm your kefir grains.

**Dechlorinate your tap water by letting it sit outside without a lid for 24 hours. Make sure the water doesn’t contain Chloramine as it will not evaporate as Chlorine does. I’ve been using tap water here in Cape Town with Great success! An effective and inexpensive purification technique will be to boil the water at a full rolling boil for 1-3 minutes and letting it cool before using, this will get rid of most types of organisms if you are worried about that.

Bad water options that can lead to eventual grain death:

Reverse Osmosis Water, Soft Water, Filtered Water*, Carbonated Water, Ionized or Altered Water.

*If using Filtered Water make sure that you add extra minerals like Molasses, Pieces of fruit or a view drops Concentrace Mineral drops to keep your Kefir Grains happy.