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Traditionally Milk Kefir is made with raw goats milk but any other mammalian milk can be used for making milk kefir. In South Africa it isn’t legal to sell Raw Milk for human consumption. The next best thing would be to use organic mammalian milk, there is some outlets that sell organic Cows and Goats Milk. It will not be a good idea to use boxed or Ultra Pasteurized Milk because all the good bacteria the kefir grains live on has been killed. Nut Milk or Rice Milk can also be fermented with Milk Kefir Grains. This can be achieved by adding 1 teaspoon honey or raw sugar per liter of nut milk or rice milk or by making a date paste and adding a teaspoon per liter. The added honey or date paste is a substitute for the milk sugars (lactose) that’s not present in Nut or Rice milks.