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Different teas brings different health benefits to the brew. You are basically looking for any tea that is made from the camellia sinensis plant, this is the scientific name for normal tea from China, you don’t want to feed flavored teas to your SCOBY because the flavoring or oils added will damage your SCOBY. Black or Green tea will work well as the caffeine is needed for the SCOBY to form. Some brewers have converted SCOBYs to grow on Rooibos alone but if you experiment with different teas it’s advised that you use backup SCOBYs just for incase something goes wrong.  Green tea makes a fizzier tea and sours quicker than Black tea, it also contains more beneficial acids than Black tea. The different teas indicate when the leaves were harvested to make the tea. Black tea is made form the mature leaves, Green tea from the younger leaves, Oolong is harvested between the Green tea and Black tea phase and White tea is youngest leaves and that’s why the color also lightens from dark to light the younger the leaves were for making teas. Black is the stronger, bolder tea and tends to have a smoother taste, green tea fizzier and Oolong has both qualities of Black and Green tea combined where White tea is more delicate and light in flavor and produces a thinner SCOBY.