Why is my ferment so unpredictable?

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Your ferments can take anything from 3 days to 3 months + to reach the best-preferred end result (personal preference) and here’s a couple of factors to consider when fermenting:


  1. Size does matter The size of your ferment, small jars of fermented vegetables will mature quicker than the bigger fermentation crocks will.
  2. Starters Starter Cultures like whey, kefir grains and powdered cultures speed up the process quite a bit and you’ll have a faster fermentation time when using these.
  3. Temperature Warmer temperatures also speed up the fermentation process. Cooler temperatures slow down the fermentation process and it will take longer for your ferment to mature.
  4. Salt The more salt you use the slower the fermentation process.

You’ll know your ferment is ready when it has a tart and tangy taste to it. This is where it’s really helpful to make your own ferments at home because you can decide when it tastes tangy enough to be moved the fridge.