Saturday 23 September 2017


It’s about Celebrating Lacto + Wild Fermentation!

There’s a Taste Test Table – Bring your favorite ferment and share the experience

Ther’s a Culture Exchange Table – Bring some of your cultures to exchange

Who knows, maybe you can exchange your SCOBY for a ROOIBOS or some other exotic SCOBY!

Bring a jar + Taste other’s ferments

Expand your knowledge and share your experience



Let me know if you would be interested in

►   Hosting a workshop on that day

►   Having an exhibition stand to market your product that day

►   or if you want to introduce yourself and your products in a talk on the day

►hosting your own get together somewhere else?

send me an email and let me know: nadia@naturalgreen.co.za



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From the feedback I’ve received I believe that

2016’s Fermenter in September

was a great success.


I want The Fermenter in September 2017 to be bigger and that’s why I’am starting

early by letting as many people know about the event!

Invite your Friends and Family to come with you. 

The venue will be announced the closer we get to the date.





If you have any questions or uncertainties please email me: nadia@naturalgreen.co.za



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I am looking forward to seeing many fermentation enthusiasts there, because it’s going to be AWESOME!