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Fermented Veg Workshop – ONLINE



This Workshop includes:

►  7 Step by Step Recipe Videos

►  6 x Troubleshooting + what to expect videos – Goodbye guesswork!

►  2 x Printable PDF Templates – Journal + Recipe Table

►  3 ebooklets to demystify things and make it crystal clear!


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This workshop has all the information you need to start brewing with confidence, but most importantly getting started!

Recipe downloadable PDF ebooklet

Recipe ebook

24 Pages that explains the basics of vegetable fermentation. You’ll learn why lactofermented veggies are considered one of the safest food preservation techniques  + used successfully for centuries! Know why you should use the right salt and percentages and what to look out for + what to expect. You’ll also get the basic formula for creating your very own recipes!



fermented veg ingredients

Ingredient downloadable PDF ebooklet

Ingredient ebook is about taking it to the next level

This little ebook goes very much into detail about the ingredients used for lactofermented vegetables. It also explains how to choose the best ingredients for the best ferments. In this eBook you can find out more about the water, temperatures, starters and how these factors can influence the taste & character of your ferment.




Troubleshooting fermeted veg

Troubleshooting downloadable PDF ebooklet

Troubleshooting ebook .. because sometimes we need to be sure

This  34 Pager will give you peace of mind ~ you’ll know when your ferment is still good, when + how to save it when things don’t look so wonderful or when it’s safer to toss it and start over again. Not only that but you’ll know what to do to AVOID bad things from happening again. ~Goodye Guesswork!


brine table + journalPrintable Brine Table + Journal

Downloadable PDF Brine table + journal!


only makes life easier. By having the brine percentages you’ll know how much salt to add for each veggie type. The journal is very helpful if you are striving to have more predictable ferments.



Value added videos

Video makes things easier..

Recipe videos linked to recipes in the recipe ebook + Troubleshooting + What to expect Videos!
This workshop includes videos on Recipes, Troubleshooting + what to expect when making fermented food.

thumbsupSupport & FB Group

Meet + Befriend like minded people

You’ll get the opportunity to meet like minded people who wil love seeing your ferment develop through it’s different stages, a community that asks questions and share experiences.


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