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Kombucha Workshop – ONLINE



This Workshop includes:

►  3 x Downloadable PDF ebooks

►  2 x Printable PDF Templates – Journal + Recipe Table

►  Value added Videos

::: Recipe Videos linked to recipes in PDF recipe ebook.

::: Troubleshooting + what to expect videos!
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This workshop has all the information you need to start brewing with confidence, but most importantly getting started!


Recipe downloadable PDF ebooklet

Recipe ebook that ..

63 Page Recipe ebook that will show you how to flavor your kombucha
in 10+ ways with video recipes linked to recipes in this ebook!




Ingredient downloadable PDF ebooklet

Ingredient ebook is about taking it to the next level

This 50 pager is for when you are ready to take Kombucha Brewing to the next level.  Start using different types of tea and sugars – this ebook will give you an idea of what your brew will taste like, what to add for certain flavors and characteristics and also what to watch out for..
Flavor starts with the first ferment..



Troubleshooting downloadable PDF ebooklet

Troubleshooting ebook .. because sometimes we need to be sure

a 31 Pager that describes different scenarios where you may (but not really want to) find yourself in. Here you’ll find answers to why this may have happened, If it’s savable and Action steps to save the situation + What to do to Avoid it from happening again.
To name the most popular issues ..
You’ll be able to solve problems like No Fizz, Dark SCOBY, Holy SCOBY + No SCOBY! + many more..

kombuchatable+journalPrintable information Card + Table

Downloadable PDF Recipe Card and Journal.

Print this recipe card and put it on the fridge – it makes the conversions easier when making bigger or smaller batches!

The Journal comes in handy when you are trying to figure out how to get the best taste + character consistently – time after time.

Value added videos

Video makes things easier..

Recipe videos linked to recipes in the recipe ebook + Troubleshooting + What to expect Videos!

Support & FB Group

Meet + Befriend like minded people

This is your opportunity to meet like minded people who will like seeing those SCOBY Pix + Fizzy photos of your bubbling kombucha..

Because ..just as you, we like it too!

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